How much lift can I expect from a mastopexy?

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July 12, 2013

The short answer is not as much as most would like. It is not possible to raise the breasts enough to completely eliminate all overhang. Mastopexy is accomplished by pushing the breasts up from below in order to restrict scars to the lower half of the breasts. This is an inherently less powerful approach than what most women demonstrate by pulling their breasts up from above while raising their arms to simulate what they expect from the procedure. However, in appropriate candidates mastopexy can raise the breasts significantly while improving skin tone, breast shape, and areolar aesthetics.

There is another thing that mastopexy cannot do. It will not help women with long torsos and breasts that are naturally positioned low but otherwise exhibit good shape and minimal sag. The breasts cannot be moved to a higher position on the chest by any type of surgery.


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