I only want my neck done. Do I really need a facelift?

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July 12, 2013

Everyone wants the least amount of surgery needed to achieve the best result. However, it is not logical to expect that either a simple “tuck”, liposuction of the neck, or nonsurgical treatment with radiofrequency waves (Thermage®) will reverse decades of progressive aging. This is rarely possible and the results of “doing less” are usually disappointing. Objection to needing a facelift is unrealistic when aging changes are significant.

Figure 3

Some individuals, though few, do benefit from a neck lift only. They are usually young and have very minimal conditions. The amount of tightening possible with a neck lift is limited by restricted incision access behind the ears (Figure 3, left). Moreover, the skin has to be pulled hard to adequately tighten the neck with this method. High skin tension resulting from this predisposes to thick or wide scars. Rotation of the lower cheeks and neck together in a facelift tightens the neck more effectively. Overall scar quality is far better because skin tension is distributed over a broader area.


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