What about thermage, stem cell facelifts and the Lifestyle lift alternatives?

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July 12, 2013

Thermage is a nonsurgical technique. It uses radiofrequency waves to heat skin collagen, supposedly causing skin contraction and tightening. This method is ineffectual in those with true skin laxity. It is not a substitute for a facelift nor is it proving to be an effective temporizing measure to delay having a facelift.

Stem cell facelifts are not facelifts at all. This method isolates fat stem cells that are claimed to have rejuvenating properties on the skin. The fat is injected into the face to enhance shape in areas that exhibit hollowing. It can be used as an adjunctive measure but is not a substitute for surgery.

The Lifestyle lift is a surgical procedure. Barbed sutures that resemble miniature fish hooks are passed into the cheeks through scalp incisions. The sutures “catch” the tissue when they are pulled upward, elevating the cheeks as they are tied under tension. The results are often imperceptible, and not long lasting. Problems with suture breakage, slipping, and skin dimpling can occur.

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