What adjunctive procedures exist to enhance the aesthetic results of rhinoplasty?

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July 12, 2013

The most common procedure combined with rhinoplasty is placement of a chin implant. Chin implants are made out of solid plastic and do not need to be changed in the future. The smallest ones are most commonly used and are slightly larger than an almond in size. Chin implants improve facial balance when the chin is recessive, or weak, in relation to the cheekbones (Figure 7). It helps make a prominent nose a less dominant feature. While a chin implant may dramatically improve the profile it has only subtle influence on the front view. Chin implants are placed through a short incision underneath the chin and are permanent. There is little awareness of it once healing is complete.

Figure 7

Liposuction of the neck, when indicated, is another useful adjunctive procedure that can be done at the same time. It can significantly improve neck contour in those who are good candidates for it. It is performed through a very small incision under the chin (or through the chin implant incision if done in conjunction) and adds very little time to the procedure.


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