What are some of the limitations associated with abdominoplasty?

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July 11, 2013

Patients who are overweight achieve more modest improvement from abdominoplasty. Although the abdomen can be flattened in the front, abdominal girth is not significantly reduced by this procedure. Patients who are overweight also have high fat content between the organs inside the abdomen. This contributes to abdominal protrusion and limits how much flattening can be achieved.

Patients who are “short-waisted” also achieve more modest improvement from abdominoplasty. The shorter vertical dimension of the abdomen in these individuals makes the abdomen still seem wide despite being surgically flattened in the front.

The surgical scar in complete abdominoplasty is long and positioned higher than ideal. The incision is made very low but it is pulled upward by skin tension during wound closure. High skin tension also causes the scar to be wide and thick sometimes.

Scar quality around the navel sometimes limits the ability to wear a two piece bathing suit with confidence. Although the navel does not have a scar when modified abdominoplasty technique is used, it may appear positioned lower than normal due to technical reasons.


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