What is a browlift?

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July 12, 2013

Sometimes upper eyelid hooding is due primarily to sagging eyebrows. This condition is best treated with a combination of upper eyelid surgery and a browlift. Although a browlift is more involved than eyelid surgery it will contribute to producing a better and more natural result than the alternative of more radical removal of excess upper eyelid skin alone. Browlifts establish a natural arch to the outer part of the eyebrow and reveal the pleasing curve of the outer orbital rim in women (Figure 2).

Browlifts today are accomplished through a half inch scalp incision just above the hairline on each side, usually in conjunction with upper eyelid incisions used to remove excess upper eyelid skin. The forehead skin is loosened, lifted, and then fixed in place with the aid of small dissolvable anchors set into the bone underneath (Figure 3). It is not necessary to remove any hair to perform a browlift.

Figure 3

A more traditional and infrequently performed type of browlift is called an “open” browlift. It is reserved for those usually over 60 years old that have severe sagging of the forehead. An open browlift entails a long scalp incision extending over the top of the head, almost from ear to ear. This procedure removes a strip of scalp skin to tighten the forehead. Hair loss around the incision and scalp numbness can occur and are the chief drawbacks. While rarely indicated, open browlifts tend to be more effective and longer lasting than more limited scar methods.


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