What is the recovery like?

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July 12, 2013

Patients leave the office without any bandages. Cool compresses are placed over the eyes for the first twenty-four hours. It is not necessary to stay in bed. Vision is usually slightly blurred due to swelling and eye ointment used during surgery. This usually resolves in a few days. Most patients describe having low grade discomfort only. The corners of the eyes are sometimes painful for a few days in those requiring a lower eyelid tightening procedure. Browlifts usually feel tight due to swelling. Portions of the forehead and scalp may also feel numb following either a browlift or corrugator muscle excision but this eventually resolves.

Eyelid stitches are removed by six days. Regular eye glasses hide much of the bruising after a week. Most of the swelling and discoloration is gone by two weeks. A light cover-up may be applied to the lower eyelids beginning one week after surgery, or by two weeks if a chemical peel has also been performed. For women, other facial and eyelid makeup including mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner may be conservatively applied beginning one week after surgery.

Flying and driving are not recommended for two weeks. Walking outdoors can begin after a few days, weather permitting. Mild cardiovascular exercise without impact such as a stationary bike can begin at two weeks. It is best to wait as long as six weeks before resuming more intense exercise and activities such as jogging, weightlifting, ball sports, yoga, pilates, skiing, and horseback riding.


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