What is the recovery like?

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July 12, 2013

At the conclusion of surgery the nose is taped and a plastic splint applied. Both are removed five to six days later. The nose is not packed deeply. Instead a rolled dressing is placed just inside each nostril and is removed the next day. Stitches inside of the nostrils are of the dissolving type. Visible skin stitches placed between the nostrils with the open method are removed together with the splint.

Cool compresses are placed over the eyes for the first twenty-four hours. It is not necessary to stay in bed. The pain is generally mild and usually lasts for less than twenty-four hours. Oral pain medication is sufficient but not often needed. Swelling of the nose and eyes with variable amounts of bruising is typical. This begins to subside after forty-eight hours. It is usually possible to return to school or work seven to ten days after surgery.

Flying and driving are not recommended for two weeks. Walking outdoors can begin after a few days, weather permitting. Mild cardiovascular exercise without impact such as a stationary bike can begin at two weeks. It is best to wait as long as six weeks before resuming more intense exercise and activities such as jogging, weightlifting, ball sports, skiing, and horseback riding.


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