What is the recovery like?

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July 12, 2013

Patients leave the office in a head dressing that is removed by the nurse the next morning. Drains are removed by 48 hours if not sooner. There are normally feelings of tightness in the neck, cheek numbness, and generalized discomfort of the face and neck. However, there is typically little actual pain. Patients are encouraged to be out of bed as soon as possible.

Swelling and bruising usually subside in two weeks. Makeup to cover residual facial bruising may be used after one week. Eyelid makeup may be applied after ten days. Hair may be washed several days after surgery and colored four weeks later.

Flying and driving are not recommended for two weeks. Mild cardiovascular exercise without impact such as a stationary bike or walking outdoors can begin several weeks after surgery. It is best to wait as long as six weeks before resuming more intense exercise and activities such as jogging, weightlifting, ball sports, yoga, pilates, skiing, and horseback riding.


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