Will breast augmentation make breasts look higher, closer together, and not point outward?

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July 12, 2013

Some women have breasts that are either naturally positioned low on the chest or have a very long torso that makes it appear this way (Figure 7). While breast augmentation can make the breasts larger and improve shape, it cannot fundamentally raise the breast position. The breasts will still look low on the chest, something that surgery cannot change.

Figure 8

Figure 7

Breast augmentation will make the breasts look closer together in almost all women because implants increase the diameter of the breast in all directions (Figure 8). Generally speaking, the larger the implant the closer together the breasts will appear. However, women who have either very wide chests, small diameter breasts, or both, will have a much more limited result in this respect. The breasts may still seem farther apart than desired after surgery.

Some women have breasts that point more to the side than straight ahead. These women typically have more of a round rather than rectangular shape to the underlying chest wall. This platform upon which the breast sits is responsible for the outward turning of the breasts. Breast augmentation will not improve but instead may magnify this issue despite achieving an excellent overall result (Figure 9).

Figure 9


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