Dr. Hidalgo is a practicing artist and believes it to be vital for sharpening aesthetic vision.

“Art enhances my perception of nuances in shape and form.  This is critical to achieving optimal results in surgery, whether it is a facelift, a breast reduction, or a rhinoplasty. There is no better method for training and refining your eye than to be continually engaged as a visual artist.”

Dr. Hidalgo works in charcoal for his large scale drawings. Each one takes over a year to complete.  Below are a few examples.

dah in art studio final
Dr. Hidalgo in the studio
drawinginprogress captions2
Drawing in Progress

Finished drawings

all in final
All In, 34” by 41”
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BFFs, "36" by 36"
2cf47895d719aefe246cbe1aa23197a4 779x1024 1
Disney Kiss, 48" by 35"
f3c541c1b3f114454f711a528fc5bedb 1024x810 1
Steppin' Out, 34" by 42"
5d0f1de49bc4d7c5f38d21354ef106ed 1024x768 1
Selfie with Dad, 32" by 43"
First Date
FIRST DATE, 41” BY 53”
TWINS, 21” BY 26”
Bat mitzvah 2
BAT MITZVAH, 37” by 51”
SWINGS, 37” BY 55”

Dr. Hidalgo recognized by his peers:

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