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Administrative and Medical Support



As the manager of this established team, I’m responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of our practice. My top priority is to ensure that our patients receive top-notch care from their initial contact with our office to their final postoperative visit, and beyond. In addition to my work at the practice, I have a passion for expanding my skills and knowledge. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the culinary arts and aspire to be a classically trained chef.

University of Detroit Mercy
Since 2018

Ashley new


I have been with the practice for over a decade and love interacting with our patients. My light-hearted gregarious nature will put you at ease! I do a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure all the logistics involved in your care are properly synchronized. On my own time I quite enjoy being creative, and I love music and the outdoors.

Bradford College
Since 2008

Lia E


My warm and caring spirit will put you at ease. I will assist you with everything from your initial consultation, to surgery scheduling, and any questions you may have concerning any procedures. When I have free time, I enjoy traveling throughout the world to new cultures.

John Jay University
Since 2021

Meghan E


Coming from an intense academic medical center background I am thrilled to now focus my skills in the private practice setting. My goal is to ensure that your experience is one of a kind from the moment you walk in the door to your last postoperative visit. Among my free time favorites are paddle-tennis, making jewelry, and playing with my adorable wiener dog, Walter!

Villanova University
Since 2020

Samantha New


I joined the practice right out of nursing school. Although on the quiet side, maybe it was my intense focus that landed me the opportunity. I am constantly in the pursuit of perfection in carrying out my duties and my appetite to learn is huge. I devote these traits and a tireless work ethic to providing the best care for you.

Binghamton University
Since 2019

Jenny new


My education at Georgetown consisted of a rigorous program which adopted the “Cura Personalis” value. It translates to “care of the whole person” and has become an integral part of my nursing practice. I strive to create a comfortable and nurturing environment, fostering trust, and ensuring each patient’s well-being throughout their surgical journey. I look forward to helping all of our patients achieve their goals while prioritizing their safety!

Georgetown University
Since 2023



I embrace the Japanese Kaizen method, always striving to improve, even in the smallest ways. I apply this approach by thoughtfully and intentionally making adjustments to stay ahead of Dr. Hidalgo's needs as he works tirelessly to provide the best possible care. Beyond the operating room, I recently completed my first NYC Marathon and look forward to tackling many more miles and marathons in the future.

Marshall Community & Technical College
Since 2022

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